Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time

For some, time runs fast and for some slow. Depends on the situation and how we react towards it. I experienced this last year, when I was excited about my first Art exhibition. Time was less and I had to prepare all the art work for the exhibition in just 2 weeks. Time was fast when I was preparing for the exhibition. However, on the day of the exhibition, the 4 hours were slow. Probably was giddy thinking about the total response till the end of the exhibition. After all it was a dream come true.

One Topic, Three Takes: Weddings

When we talk about Weddings. The thought that comes to our mind is shopping, invitations, guests, food, family. Little do we imagine the feelings that the bride and the groom are experiencing. This picture depicts the feelings and excitement that they go through when they actually exchange the rings and vow for a lifetime relationship.