Daily Prompt : No Fair

Human beings have entered the jungles, mountains and forests to build their own concrete jungles.  This has left the animals of the jungle helpless and sometimes without food. Saw this monkey trying to eat plastic. If we consume the fruits from the trees, the monkeys too have the right on the food. For this unfair incident I always carry food for the monkeys whenever I visit this places.


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One Topic, Three Takes: Weddings

When we talk about Weddings. The thought that comes to our mind is shopping, invitations, guests, food, family. Little do we imagine the feelings that the bride and the groom are experiencing. This picture depicts the feelings and excitement that they go through when they actually exchange the rings and vow for a lifetime relationship.

Daily Prompt : Toy Story

As a child I used to love getting clicked. My Dad used to love capturing my latest happenings. I always wondered how the world looks from the view finder. My dad got me a Toy Camera w to solve my curiosity. I used to go clicking whatever I saw through it (thinking that I could develop photographs from them 😛 ) As I grew I started handling the camera. Right from the film camera to the DSLR. So here I am striving my best to have a vision Behind the Lens. Because I always believe every picture has a story. And my story starts from my toys. I wished I had a photograph of my childhood toy.