Weekly Photo Challenge : Rule of thirds

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Weekly Writing Challenge: DNA Analysis

When I glance in the mirror, I see ………

Years now, I always wanted to write this.  I probably waited for the right time.

As I grew up I always thought, why did I not resemble my mother … for the beauty she is.  Was just bless to inherit her dimpled smile.  Used to question myself and of course god about the DNA I could not pick up from her.  Knowing her as a Confident, Bold, Positive Mommy an EX-military women,  All India winner in horse riding and rifle shooting.  Of course also the sports background she had. An artist and a beautiful painter too. 

As a child,  I started being good in sports.  Won all the prizes, matched up horse riding.  However, could not meet the Military entrance requirements for the very good height I lacked 😦  Again DNA did not match up with hers.  As I grew young, I started matching the Artistic DNA of mom.  I was happy that DNA has started playing a role now.

Although 9 years back, bad luck struck our family and my very active super mom got a stroke attack and was affected on the right side.  She was completely bed ridden.  Doctors declared that very meek chances of her getting up and doing the normal chores.  It was the most difficult thing for us to digest.  As a daughter I always gathered all my courage  from her.  And now it was my chance to stay strong for the difficult time we were going through.  It was 1 month later that, my mom rised up against all odds of her health and fought back against the stroke. Surprised the doctor too 🙂   Today though she is not 100 percent ok but never ever depends on anyone for her daily chores at home.  She never  misses out a chance to even dance with her grandchildren. 

Few months back I was detected with bulges on my spinal and lumbar disc.  Doctors said I should avoid photography and my artwork as it might affect the nerves which were getting pressed.  My world was spinning.  It is difficult to let go your passion.  After almost a month’s bed rest I made my mind towards having a strong will power and positive attitude.  Here I am towards my recovery and the camera and my brush in hand.

After all this, my forte in sports, art from my mom’s DNA, the DNA that superseded is Being Strong, Positive Attitude and WillpowerYes the most amazing DNA I could ever get from my mom.  Of course the photography DNA came from Dad 😛

  My mom always tells me … If you have the Will you get the power to do it.  

Happy that I could inherit her most important DNA for a better future. Love my mother for the person she has made me today.



Daily Prompt: Clean House | Different view towards junk

Is there Junk in your life, how do you get rid of it ?

Well the usual junk like cluttered stuff at home, unwanted things in offices can be cleaned away, given away if you do not need them.

But I term junk as the unwanted thoughts in our minds. Can you give away those. NO ..
Junk thoughts like feeling low, sometimes a feeling of helplessness, feeling sad, failing at certain attempts can be anything which makes you uncomfortable. Whenever I go through this kind of junk, I clear that by capturing the natural behavior of the kids. Kids playing, running, splashing water, jumping.
When I see the output of the images of kids, I automatically clear the junk of thoughts from my mind — Just like the children they are all so free at their thoughts. Nothing deters them down. So just clear this junk by doing something you love. I assure you would just be successful clearing that junk.

Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time

For some, time runs fast and for some slow. Depends on the situation and how we react towards it. I experienced this last year, when I was excited about my first Art exhibition. Time was less and I had to prepare all the art work for the exhibition in just 2 weeks. Time was fast when I was preparing for the exhibition. However, on the day of the exhibition, the 4 hours were slow. Probably was giddy thinking about the total response till the end of the exhibition. After all it was a dream come true.

Daily Prompt : Celebrate Good times

For me whenever it’s good news, I always meet up with my loved ones and friends. Whatever I achieve in life is always with the support I have from them. One of my close friend introduced this game.  It’s water and tequila arranged alternatively in the glasses. Like always I end up having the glasses of water but it’s fun to see my friends enjoy their tequila 🙂


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Daily Prompt : No Fair

Human beings have entered the jungles, mountains and forests to build their own concrete jungles.  This has left the animals of the jungle helpless and sometimes without food. Saw this monkey trying to eat plastic. If we consume the fruits from the trees, the monkeys too have the right on the food. For this unfair incident I always carry food for the monkeys whenever I visit this places.


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