Photography 101: Shape, Line, Texture, and Pattern

Photography 101: Shape, Line, Texture, and Pattern

Wooden textures simply look amazing.


5 thoughts on “Photography 101: Shape, Line, Texture, and Pattern

  1. Hiya my fellow blogger photographer, love the grain in this image, the only crit I have is the white chalking looking stuff, it takes my eye from the main subject which is the grain. I have put up some of the Abbey images up. I am going back on Wednesday to do some more images I have a new lens as well I want to play with. 🙂

    • Hi Pete,

      Thanks for the like, yes you sure have a detailed eye 🙂 Just did not notice that white chalking on the picture. Sure will check the Abbey images.

      New lens that sounds wow. Is it prime lens ?

      Happy clicking at the Abbey.

      • Its a Sigma 24-70mm D 1:2.8 EX DG Macro zoom with a 82mm uv filter. Here is a tip, having a uv filter on doesnt do much at sea level, it needed above 1000ft when the air start to thin and lets more uv through. But saying that, always have a uv filter on as if you scratch your lens its expensive to have it ground out. A filter is cheap and if that gets damaged then it can be changed. 🙂

      • Wow Sigma 24-70mm should give you good clicks. Yes Pete even I prefer having the UV filter on always rather than the damages on the lens screen 🙂 I do have the Hoya Polarize UV filter but heard from some to avoid the Polarized one. Any thoughts from you on Polarize filter.

      • I never use a polaize filter except over water. Have you ever played with an infa-red filter, you take the image as normal then put then put your image into photoshop and the reduce the red and the images are great even more so if the sky is a bright blue with the clouds that are the type that streak across the sky. The other filter is a dark filter which block out nearly all light, this allows you to do looooooooooonnnnnngggg exposers which gives great effects especially with waterfalls and the sea. 🙂

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