Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Brown and Sepia Tones

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:  Brown and Sepia Tones

The treasure of the kings lied in this chest.


7 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Brown and Sepia Tones

  1. I was on a private tour of Arbroath 11 century abbey where many Scottish kings once sat, Robert the Bruce, and William Wallance among Scottish heros stayed and Scotlands independence was signed in the 14th century.
    I was taken to the crown room where kings of Scotland was crowned, not open to the public. Also once sat in this room were the Stone of Scone, the stone sat under the throne and was present at every Scottish kings crowning. It was moved to England where it sat under the English throne until it was stolen and brought back to the abbey in 1950’s. Then it was moved to the Palace of Scone, in Perthshire. On my tour the girl kicked this wooden box sitting in full view and said to me”Open it, this is the abbeys best kept secret” I opened and looking at me was the Stone of Scone, I said “Thats a copy? right” she smiled back at me and winked and replied”it will be gone again tomorrow”
    When it was stolen from London a group of ‘knights’ moved it from house to house to keep it safe until it was agreed that it can have its rightful place under the Scottish throne in Scone Palace.
    I have seen the one in the palace and the one in the box is identical. Its said that 4 copies were made and and each have a sheet if papers sealed inside saying that its a copy and the name of the stone mason who made it. Did I see a 1500+ year old Stone of Scone in the abbey, by the look and the wink I believe it is. 🙂 You never kmow what is inside a simple box. I love the image as well 🙂

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